Windows Server 2003 Password Recovery

All I know the ways to reset windows server 2003 password are using windows password reset disk and professional windows password reset tools.

You do save a lot of trouble if you have a windows password reset disk. A windows password reset disk is a tool to reset windows server 2003 password for special computer with which the disk is create. The disk can be created in Control Panel on the computer. How can the disk save trouble for computer users to reset password? Well, when needing to get windows server 2003 password reset, computer users just take out the disk from somewhere they keep and insert it into the locked computer and make some mouse-clicking. A few minutes later, take out the disk and they can access to the computer again. Isn’t that easy?

As for windows password reset tool, the procedure for windows server 2003 password recovery is easy, too.
Step 1: Find an accessible computer (not the locked computer) and download a windows password recovery tool and install it.
Step 2: insert a CD/DVD or USB drive (as you like) into the computer to make it into a bootable password reset disk.
Step 3: put the disk into the locked computer to reset windows password.

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