Finish Windows Server 2003 Password Recovery in Minutes

when you have forgotten windows server 2003  password,Forgetting Windows password could lock you out of your computer and gain no access to your data or files in the computer. How to solve this problem then?

Using windows password reset disk is popular among computer users to reset windows password. This is an easy and effective method but has one condition you must be obeyed: the disk must have created before you lost your password. To create a password reset disk, firstly you need to log on Windows and enter User Accounts. Then you can click Create a password reset disk on the left pane. A password reset disk wizard will come up, and then you can follow it to create a windows server 2003 password reset disk.

But please note that the password reset disk will only work for the account it was created for and cannot be used to reset the password of another account.

Here comes the guide:
1. Type a wrong password on the Windows logon screen.
2. Click OK when Windows displays a message that the password is incorrect and “Reset password” link will appear.
3. Click Reset password to pop up Password Reset Wizard screen, and then click Next.
4. Follow the steps in the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password.

Then with the help of reset disk,you have got windows server 2003 password recovery.

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