Recovering windows server 2003 with administrator account

The Windows server 2003 administrator account has full control of all settings on the computer. Users with administrator privileges can reset windows server 2003 password. Administrator account passwords are assigned to every computer. Unless you change your computer password settings, you will be required to enter the administrator password upon startup to be able to use your computer.

Ultimately, a password-protected computer will ensure that your documents, personal accounts or any private information remain protected from unauthorized users. If you have forgotten Windows server 2003 administrator password for your computer, you will not be able to recover windows server 2003 password; however, there are several software products that can help you regain access to your computer by allowing you to reset Windows server 2003 admin password.

Resetting the password is the only way to get windows server 2003 password recovery. Windows server 2003 encrypts the password value, so you cannot retrieve it from the computer. After your , you can log in to the computer using the new password value.
1.Log in to your computer using an account that has administrative privileges. Click the Windows “Start” button and select “Control Panel.” Click the link labeled “User Accounts and Family Safety,” then click “User Accounts” to view a list of users.
2.Click “Manage another account.” Click the “Administrator” username to view the main administrator account settings.
3.Click “Change password.” A text box appears. Type the new password into the “Password” text box. Type it again in the “Verify Password” text box.
4.Click “Change Password” to save the new changes. Log out of the computer and log in using the new administrator password.

The local administrator account on a Windows server 2003 allows users to change all settings on the machine. Some users create a separate account to use on the computer, so the administrator account is not often used. For this reason, Windows users sometimes forget the password. The only way to reset the admin password  without a backup disk is to reset it with another account. Accounts with administrator privileges can change windows server 2003 password, and then you can use the new password to log into the administrator account.


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