How to reset SQL password

rset sql password What will you do if you forget SQL password and have no access to SQL database? The effective way I know up to now is to reset SQL Server password with the help of SQL Server password reset software. SQL Password Recovery is one of the good MS SQL password recovery tools which can help you reset SQL password in a few seconds. Then how to achieve it?

Step 1: Download and install SQL Password Recovery, and run the application.
Step 2: Click “Open” to import your master.mdf file. All the user names of your MS SQL Server will be displayed.
Step 3: Select an SQL account, click “Change password” button.
Step 4: Type a new password, and then click “OK”. 

Following these four steps, you can successfully reset SQL password. Maybe you have heard of windows password reset, but the SQL server password reset is never been heard. So this time you can have a good knowledge of MS SQL password recovery. Did you feel that we were really surrounded by passwords? Even the database in the computer has been set passwords, too.
Since there is SQL Password, we should notice that if we forget SQL password, what should we do? This is the goal of this article. From what I have told to you, SQL Password Recovery is very easy and efficient. It can even guarantee 100% recovery rate. So do not hesitate to use it if you have this problem. 


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