Fox Render Farm Service




There are good rendering farms that operate through the Internet and offer you prices based on how much processing power you will need. The calculation is done on the basis of per Ghz of processing power required. And you do not have to worry about the types of rendering they support because integration is provided for all major softwares and their rendering types. This includes Maxwell render, mental ray, v ray, final render, and vue, just to name a few. All major softwares like 3D Max, Maya, Blender, etc are fully supported.
Fox  Render farm is basically a dedicated computer cluster, being a cluster of computing machines allowing access of visuals from and to the registered machines in the cluster. The cluster is meant to generate or render Computer Generated Imagery or CGI, which is mainly planned to produce imagery for television and film specific visuals. HEre are 10 Cool Features:
  1. 24/7 service provided
  2. Submit files online and real-time preview
  3. Intelligently recognize 3D software and versions of render engine
  4. Auto-detect lost textures and cache files
  5. Auto-reset path for cache files
  6. Auto-analyze setting of scene files
  7. Auto-load plug-in according to the needs of scene file
  8. Auto-calculate render time and cost
  9. Real-time notification of finished tasks via Email
  10. Rendered image can be downloaded automatically by using our tools
    Fox render farm is A new render farm, the page looks simple, but their cost-calculating way is relatively easy. You can get USD$ 20 when you register.



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