Fox Renderfarm introduced


The new upgrade Fox  Renderfarm self-service render farm in August 2010 now has the country and open a powerful hardware and software configurations, for the country‘s animation film, the CG renderings of the designer to provide a  steady stream of rendering power.

Fox  Renderfarm cloud render platform is based on the concept of cloud computing, technically absorbed all the advantages of foreign mainstream self-service render farm, used for domestic use characteristics of the CG industry, launched a series of local characteristics, to use morehumane. Platforms now support 3dsMax, Maya, and other mainstream production of software and rendering engines, and integrated platform for automatic billing, online payment functionality, rendering each frame time and costs, by the system automatically calculates the rendering finished, can immediately see thumbnails of the rendering process, the task at any time suspend, restore, give up and other operations.
Compared with traditional render farm, self-render farm four advantages:
1,A full self-service operation, submitted through the web interface rendering tasks automatically downloaded after the completion of rendering.
2,Rendering the results through the web page live preview, and pause at any time on task recovery control.
3,7 * 24 hours non-stop service, without human intervention, as long as your machine to the Internet, will be able to submit render jobs at any moment.
4,Automatically calculate the rendering time (accurate to seconds), self-checkout, support payments, credit card payment online.



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